132/ 365 Inbox

The state of my “inbox” – when I used to work “full time” – I used to pride myself in a tidy in box – usually no more than 20 message – the rest, answered, deleted, filed, sorted… and now look at me.. but you know what? Life is more fun and I am “good busy”…

So… if I forget to text you/ email you or (boo) forget your birthday, I hope this explains it “just a little bit”… the lovely children and Red Ted Art sure are keeping me busy!


About Red Ted Art

I am half Austrian, half Spanish, living in the Uk – married to an Englishman. I like to think of myself as an “European”. I like making my friends’ birthday cards. In spring I grow tomatoes and other veg (with varying degrees of success). In autumn I make Green Tomatoe chutney. And I like baking Austrian cookies at Christmas. We have two cuddly little cats (come to think of it, they look a bit like little teddy bears..) and two chickens. So we have fresh eggs every day.
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